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Welcome to SimpleCounter.
You are now only 3 simple steps from having your own styled hitcounter.
Create your own simple hitcounter for free, no ads, no spam-email, no nothing, except for your free simple counter.
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Your own style, problems?
If you have got a style i do not have, .zip'em down and
mail them to me.
You might also want to send me an e-mail if you got problems with your counter.
I would also like to recieve comments and wishes from my users, please feel free to e-mail me.

Free Statistics:
Simply click your own counter on your page, you will get a new window with this page and a "Stats" link appear in the top and bottom menu.
To see your page stats the old fashioned way; go to
If you want to make graphs try pasting the page into a spreadsheet program like Excel or OpenOffice (paste special as text).

mid may 06: Installed firewall with faulty hardware, found out after about 1 week and replaced it with new firewall.
10.04.06: Modified statistics graph, looks a lot nicer now :)
10.04.06: Absolutely no fuseblows since i changed my SurgeProtectors and moved my freezer to a 20amp fuse.
01.03.06: Switched to new UPS and I have finally solved the fuseproblem. This should mean a LOT less downtime.
15.05.05: Removed som old conversion info, please mail me if any problems...
08.01.05: New platform!!! no more iframes... better visual appearence, easyer to implement
2005: series of updates to the page, 470+ new styles, easier access the stats, launching webclock soon.

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